Transforming global pharmacy



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The FIP Development Goals, launched by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in September 2020, are a key resource for transforming the pharmacy profession globally, regionally and nationally over the next decade. They align with FIP’s mission to support global health by enabling the advancement of pharmaceutical practice, sciences, education and workforce. They are set to transform pharmacy in alignment with wider global imperatives underpinning the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Having a set of “One FIP” Development Goals enables us to identify commonalities across all areas of FIP, as well as some unique attributes in each area. We believe it is imperative to bring science, practice and education & workforce together into one transformative framework for our members and the wider profession to clearly set out the goals for development for the next decade.


The work builds on the Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals resulting in 21 FIP Development Goals – FIP wide goals for transforming global pharmacy. Each of the FIP DGs is composed of 3 Elements for Practice, Science and Education & Workforce that all form fundamental categories of the Goals. Alongside each Element is a set of mechanisms which form tools and structures to facilitate and support the process of transformation.

With the FIP Development Goals, FIP is set to transform global pharmacy working in partnership and collaboration with our members everywhere.

To learn more, download the full “The FIP Development Goals: Transforming global pharmacy” handbook here or visit the homepage to explore each of the Goals and what we’re doing at FIP to support global implementation.